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Description of Classes

#maptimeDavis Cartography

Learn skills for styling map data and creating visually appealing maps.

Michele Tobias Please contact Michele Tobias at mmtobias@ucdavis.edu

MonNov 51:00pm-3:00pmDSI Classroomregister

#maptimeDavis Data Visualization Challenge

Challenge yourself to creating a data visualization in one #maptimeDavis session!

Michele Tobias Please contact Michele Tobias at mmtobias@ucdavis.edu

MonNov 191:00pm-3:00pmDSI Classroomregister

#maptimeDavis Drone Images

This workshop will discuss software options and methods for processing or using drone and other low-altitude remote sensing images and provide a hand-on demonstration.

Michele Tobias Please contact Michele Tobias at mmtobias@ucdavis.edu

MonOct 221:00pm-3:00pmDSI Classroomregister

#maptimeDavis Remote Sensing Challenge

Challenge yourself to create a remote sensing analysis in one #maptimeDavis session!

Michele Tobias Please contact Michele Tobias at mmtobias@ucdavis.edu

MonDec 31:00pm-3:00pmDSI Classroomregister

#maptimeDavis Remote Sensing Data Fusion

Learn to mash up varying datasets to produce data to answer research questions.

Michele Tobias Please contact Michele Tobias at mmtobias@ucdavis.edu

MonNov 261:00pm-3:00pmDSI Classroomregister

#maptimeDavis Spatial Databases

This session will provide background and hands-on experience with geospatial databases. Participants will learn how to import data, manage the spatial columns in a database, and run spatial processes like buffer or clip from a database environment. Participants should bring their own laptop with the most recent version of the Spatialite Graphical User Interface (GUI) downloaded.

MonOct 291:00pm-3:00pmDSI Classroomregister

Data Management Miniseries: Intro to Relational Databases and SQL

Have your spreadsheets become too unwieldy? Have you wondered whether you need a database, but don't know where to start? In this workshop students will learn how to set up MySQL databases on their own laptops and enter and query data. We will introduce best practices in designing database schemas and keeping appropriate documentation. We will demonstrate creating tables, data validation, foreign keys, importing data from spreadsheets, and SQL queries.

This workshop is taught in collaboration with the Social Science Data Service.

Questions? Please contact Vessela Ensberg at vensberg@ucdavis.edu

WedOct 311:00pm-3:00pmDSI Classroomregister

Data Management Miniseries: Keeping data tidy

In this workshop we will cover best practices for organizing files and folders, naming conventions and data validation in spreadsheets. Data validation will ensure that your text data entries are spelled consistently and there will be no unexpected text in fields reserved for numeric measurements.

Questions? Please contact Vessela Ensberg at vensberg@ucdavis.edu

WedOct 241:00pm-3:00pmDSI Classroomregister

Data Science Workshop: Amazon Web Services for Research

This workshop led by IET and the DSI to discuss the what, why and how of using Amazon Web Services (https://aws.amazon.com/) to run your R, Pyton, etc. code for research in the cloud.

Questions? Please contact us at datascience@ucdavis.edu

FriNov 29:00am-12:00pmDSI Classroomregister

Data Science Workshop: Introduction to Git for Version Control

This hands-on workshop led by DSI's Associate Director for the Humanities and Professor of English Dr. Carl Stahmer will cover the fundamentals of working with the Git versioning control system for both individual and team development. Topics covered will include installing Git locally, initiating a local Git repository, managing file versions, basic branching and merging, working with remote repositories, and resolving conflicts. The workshop is suitable for participants with little to no previous Git experience. All participants must bring a laptop on which they have administrative rights and are able to install software. It is helpful if you sign up in advance for a free [GitHub account](https://github.com/). Students can also request a GitHub student developer pack, which allows for unlimited free private repos: https://help.github.com/articles/applying-for-a-student-developer-pack/.

Questions? Please contact us at datascience@ucdavis.edu

FriOct 199:00am-12:00pmDSI Classroomregister

Data Science Workshop: Network Analysis in R

Do you have network data that you're not sure what to do with? A network-based analysis in mind but you're not sure how to implement it? Do you want to build network data from scratch or from other data types? Want to come learn about network analyses and whether it's appropriate for your data?

This workshop led by DSI postdoc Dr. Jane Carlen will cover techniques for creating, analyzing and modeling network data in R. Topics will include measures of centrality and other descriptive statistics, community detection, exponential random graph models, latent space models, and visualization. We will use tools from several packages in R including statnet, igraph, visNetwork, and ggplot2 extensions.

The exact list of topics and examples will depend on problems supplied by *YOU*. If you have data which you think would be appropriate for a network analysis, or a problem with network data that you'd like to work through, please send a description of it and any corresponding data and code to Dr. Jane Carlen (jacarlen@ucdavis.edu).

Prerequisites: Attendees should be familiar with R and comfortable writing functions, installing packages and plotting. For best participation bring your laptop with the latest working version of R and packages statnet, igraph, visNetwork and ggplot2 installed. No previous experience with network analysis is required. We especially encourage those with active network data problems to attend. There will be open time at the end for Q&A.

If you have questions about the workshop content or want to submit an example dataset, Please contact Dr. Jane Carlen at jacarlen@ucdavis.edu or for general workshop

FriNov 169:00am-12:00pmDSI Classroomregister

EndNote Introduction for Science Researchers

PLEASE NOTE: EndNote is no longer licensed campus-wide. Many campus departments have decided to continue with EndNote so you should check with your departmental IT contact before signing up for this class.

EndNote is a bibliographic management program which simplifies the process of generating bibliographies and reference lists. EndNote allows one to easily store, manage, and format references to any core science style guide such as ACS, APA, CSE, IEEE, NLM or to any specific journal style such as FASEB J, Front Ecol Environ, IEEE Access, J Agr Food Chem, J Exp Biol, Plant Cell, PLoS One, Science. EndNote also helps you store, organize, and easily retrieve publication PDFs.

This introductory class will cover: creating EndNote libraries; direct export of citations from science databases; adding PDFs to your EndNote Library; output styles; and Cite While You Write (using EndNote with Microsoft Word).

Questions? Please contact Ruth Gustafson at ragustafson@ucdavis.edu or Melinda M. Livas at mmlivas@ucdavis.edu.

ThuOct 253:30pm-5:00pmLibrary Instruction Labregister
FriNov 1611:30am-1:00pmLibrary Instruction Labregister
TueDec 183:30pm-5:00pmLibrary Instruction Labregister

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due (Avoid Plagiarism)

Learn principles of citing sources in MLA (Modern Language Association) and APA (American Psychological Association) styles. Expand your understanding of paraphrases, summaries and quotations, and discover tools to help you create citations.

Questions for the Academic Assistance and Tutoring Center? Please contact Kevin Sitz, kwsitz@ucdavis.edu.

Questions for the Library? Please contact Melissa Browne at mabrowne@ucdavis.edu

TueOct 2310:00am-11:20amLibrary Instruction Labregister
WedNov 72:10pm-3:30pmLibrary Instruction Labregister

Graduate Student Tour

Do you need help finding articles and books for your research? Did you know that we can get materials for you from other libraries throughout the UC system and around the world? Are you aware of the many online resources the library offers? Do you need assistance with data management, GIS, or copyright and publishing? Did you know we have rare and unique items in our Special Collections? To learn about all of the library services and resources that support your research and teaching, join us for a tour of Shields Library. Meet by the main staircase in Shields Library Lobby.

Need a different time for your lab or group? Contact us for a custom tour. https://www.library.ucdavis.edu/service/tours/

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